What to Expect When You Have Fan Access to Red Carpet Events

Expect to arrive earlier than the check-in time to get front row:

At the Stranger Things 2 premiere on October 26th, 2017, we arrived 30 minutes before check in even started and were first row when actors stepped on the carpet.


Expect to wait for up to 3 hours for the actors to arrive, depending on the movie or show being premiered:

We were checked in at 4pm and the actors did not start flowing in until nearly 7pm.


Expect to be asked for an interview or be on news stations before the actors arrive:


Expect directors and writers to be eager to engage in the crowd and ask questions:

The Duffer Brothers arrived earlier than the actors, in hopes of greeting incoming fans.


Expect actors to be eager to meet, but not to chat:

Often actors stop to take selfies with fans, but only get in a word or two with each.


Expect meet some really awesome actors with fans who care as much as you do: