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Ways to Stay Up to Date with the News

1. AP News App: Turn on the push notifications to be alerted about breaking news. They will give you a quick summary of everything from political, entertainment, celebrity news, and crises.

2. NYT Now App: It’s free and one of my favorite apps on my phone. You can sign up for breaking news notifications and a morning briefing. The NY Times staff picks out articles they deem important or interesting and links them to the home page. The morning briefing is a quick run down of what’s happening in the world.

3. GMA (Good Morning America): My morning routine always included making breakfast as I watched Good Morning America. At the beginning of their show they do a breakdown of the stories they will cover. This is within the first few minutes and usually covers everything you really need to know.

4. NPR: If you have a morning commute, tune in to the station and listen to their morning program. Or you can download their app which provides the latest news and you can search trough the kind of news you want.

5. Local News App: Most major local news stations have their own apps like KTLA. Download it and set up push notifications so you know about the major stories that will most likely directly affect you.

6. Newspaper!: Did you know that the Dining Hall has the OC Register, The Panther, and The New York Times? There are a few other places on campus where you can pick up a paper to go. Yes it’s old fashioned but there is nothing like sitting down with your morning coffee or tea and reading the paper. You’ll feel more mature and look like it too!

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