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The Types of Finsta Posts

A “finsta,” or a “fake instagram,” is someone’s second instagram account in which only their “real friends” can view various explicit photos that they would not want anyone else to see. It is a haven for where you are “free” to post whatever you want without getting in trouble with your sorority, jobs or the rest of humanity. There are five primary posts that come with a finsta:


  1. Night out

Because you secretly want everyone to know that you have a social life. Your finsta is your haven for photos that are NSFW.


2. The same photo on your main instagram, but with different caption

When the caption has to be PG on your regular instagram, but the real ones get to know what’s really on your mind.


3. Snapchats that need to be reposted

These are the Snapchats that make it on the story but are too good to only last 24 hours.


3. Something incredibly embarrassing that you don’t feel ashamed showing the selected few who follow the finsta.

The real ones that can handle a face you believe is so ugly.


4. A savage post, talking smack about a f*ckboy

We have no time for losers. We need to let your finsta community know who they shouldn’t mess with.

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