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Trending Bikinis: Brazillian

Many women shy away from baring their booty cheeks to the beach crowds, worrying others will label their itty bitty bikinis as inappropriate. Their inner turmoil may also be fought with themselves, believing that exposed swimwear is only fit for Brandy Melville models. Trash those society norms, because you can rock ANYTHING you want to! There is no “right” swimsuit for your shape, and flaunting some skin by the seaside does not entitle you to a scarlet A. It’s your body, so wear what you want.

With that bikini-positive declaration, here are some cheeky Brazillian swimsuits to check out before you hit Laguna Beach or even the dorm pool. They are all the rage back on my home island of Maui, so I see these cute suits on my Instagram feed daily. I have seen girls of all shapes and sizes splash around in them and look totally hot.

Midori Bikinis

Frankie’s Bikinis

San Lorenzo Bikinis

Acacia Swimwear

Posh Pua Swimwear

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