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Top 5 Dessert Places Near Orange

SoCal is dessert paradise. Being a Chapman student, I always try to explore the city and towns around me, looking for the greatest local desserts. These are the top five dessert places I discovered along my quest.

1. Creme and Sugar –  6312 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd., Anaheim

Start your day off with a little Creme and Sugar. In its quirky Anaheim location, find yourself immersed in the delicious Unicorn Shake, as pictured above. If this isn’t to your liking, try the Circus Animal Shake, pretty in pink with whipped cream and of course, circus animal cookies. But then, there is the Cookie Monster. A blue-colored shake with chocolate chip cookies and oreos. Aren’t you just dreaming about it right now? They also serve ice cream and cake. Creme and Sugar is a dessert wonderland.

2. Cauldron Ice Cream – 1421 W MacArthur Blvd. F, Santa Ana

Welcome to Cauldron Ice Cream. No, there are no witches here. Only a “cauldron” full of ice cream. All the ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen. The ice cream may be shaped into a beautiful rose, right in front of your eyes. The cones are not just ordinary cones. They are made of soft waffles, thick and delicious. Try the exotic flavors, such as: Earl Grey Lavender, H2O Rose and the newest addition, NUTELLA. Once you step into the “cauldron,” there’s no way out.

3. Spatel Desserts  – 3910 E Chapman Ave., Orange

Italian ice, custard, gelati combos, frozen yogurt and ice cream, Spatel Desserts has everything you could possibly want. The aesthetic is perfect. Its bright-colored desserts create the perfect objects for your Instagram pictures. Enjoy a Big Stick gelati combo, passion fruit Italian ice or red velvet ice cream. Spatel Dessert certainly has the cool factor.

4. Afters Ice Cream – 13662 Newport Ave., Tustin

Stop. Doesn’t this picture just make your mouth water? Ice cream, cereal, mini cookies, all smushed between two donuts. Afters Ice Cream combines pastries with ice cream delights. You may order a s’more, churros, banana sundaes and colorful scoops of ice cream sitting atop a giant cone. Welcome to this dessert paradise. Mix and match your favorite desserts into one. You’ll be in a food coma “after.”

5. The Dirty Cookie – The District, 2493 Park Ave., Tustin

HOLY COOKIE SHOT. The Dirty Cookie serves one thing only: cookie shots. They are made with Belgian chocolate and offer vegan, gluten-free versions. Soft cookie on the outside, chocolate rim and milk on the inside. Flavors include chocolate chip cookie, red velvet and cookies n cream. This is no ordinary shot. Kids can take one! No alcohol, don’t worry. All sugar, goodness and chocolate love.

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