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Thoughts You Have When You Hear the Sound of Heels

That classic click clack of the heel. Am I in trouble? Is it my professor? Who is it? Okay, I’m going to look. Full-on owl head turn.The big reveal. Oh it’s just that girl wearing boots with heels. I notice that every time I wear a shoe that has some kind of heel, big or small, at least 10 heads turn to look at me. Why? What are the thoughts that run through their heads? Here are some possibilities…


  1. The professor

Click click clack. I haven’t been showing up to class. She’s after me. I can sense it. Oh no. She must have just seen me at Starbucks when I was supposed to be in class. She’s going to drag me back to class. No no noooooo.


2. The sorority girl

Ah, the sound of heels in the morning. Those sorority girls have to walk in those heels all day. I could never do that. I mean, I wear my slippers to class.


3. The girl with the job interview

Oh, someone has a fancy shmancy job interview today. Wearin’ those heels. You do your thang girl. You kill that interview.

4. The cute and stylish girl

Is it that girl again who dresses so cute every day? Yes! She just likes to wear boots with heels because it’s super cute. She always has the best outfits.

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