Thoughts While Trying to Obtain A Kylie Lip Kit

1. EXCUSE ME. Kylie Jenner just announced she's restocking Lip Kits tomorrow!? I didn't realize it was Christmas Kylie-mas Eve. 

2. Okay. Kylie said Lip Kits go up at 4 p.m. PST. Yes, I made sure that meant Pacific time.

3. It's the big day. I better go over 18 weeks' worth of pictures on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram. I need to see ALL the swabs.

4. Wait — do I want Dolce K or Candy K!? There are only two minutes left before the Lip Kits go live. Is this how Troy Bolton felt when he had to make the winning shot for the East High Wildcats with just minutes to spare?

5. ONE MINUTE LEFT. Am I hydrated?

6. The clock just turned 4. Why are there no Lip Kits up? Refresh button, please make my dreams come true. 

7. Refresh — refresh — I SEE THE LIGHT. The Lip Kits finally showed up!

8. I have approximately 10 seconds to get my Lip Kit from the shopping cart to checkout before everyone else. Go go gooooooo.

9. Should I grab two and resell one for $250 on Eba—WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE SITE CRASHED.

10. Twenty seconds later and the website is back up...everything is sold out except for 22. Okay, matte orange lips it is.