Thoughts During Little Hunting Season

While most people's favorite seasons are Fall and Winter, sorority girls skip past the aisles of Halloween costumes and Christmas lights and take their Mastercards straight into the doors of the nearest Michael's. It's a Greek gal's most magical time of the year; Big/Little Season!

Before lacrosse players can bear baskets brimming with pearl-studded letters and twizzler packets to the dorms of little ones, work has to be done. In the weeks leading up to the Big Reveal, actives have to redownload Facebook Messenger and make a triple shot espresso for the fiercest competition that exists in a collegiate woman's life: Little Hunting Season.

But that doesn't mean the babies of the sorority aren't freaking out too. While they revel from the attention brought on by a slew of Starbucks date invites and questions about their hometowns, the new pledges are just as stressed over finding The One they can form an everlasting bond with and sing on-key musical duets together.

The following are major thoughts that run through to-be littles' minds during the most estrogen-packed time of the year:

1. What should I put for my hobbies on my Google slide? I like to watch Netflix and eat Taco Bell so I'll write "mountain scaling national parks."

2. I just got a text from that gorgeous girl on executive board saying we should hang out this weekend with seven variations of heart emojis. Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid are probably going to ask me to join them on their next jet trip to Monte Carlo.

3. There are ten One Direction posters in my room and she attends indie concerts at underground venues every weekend. How could this possibly work?

4.  I'm spending more money on Pizza Press dates than I did for my sweet sixteenth birthday party.

5. My Big crush just liked a tagged Facebook picture of me at my junior prom, so the feelings must be mutual.

6. I'm snapchatting my top two Big potentials at the same time. Is this considered cheating? Will I burn in Dante's second circle of Hell?

7. Wait, why is my sorority soulmate also on the top rank list of my pledge class sister? What bonding happened behind my back? Is that a new anklet or a secret friendship bracelet?

8. Okay, why is this more stressful than dating boys.

9. Time to officially rank my Big preferences. Can I take twin Bigs?

10. I just hope I get a Big who will have a handkerchief ready when I bawl on Reveal Day.