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Take Back The Night 2015

The annual Take Back The Night event was held last Tuesday evening in the Fish Interfaith Center.

Take Back The Night had its first United States event in San Francisco in 1978. The event was created with the goal of protesting violence against woman, as well as against men and childen. The event protests the crime of sexual assualt, aims to provide support to survivors, and create allies. 

The first Chapman Take Back The Night was held in march of 1998 by C.A.R.E.S (Creating A Rape Free Environment For Students). Since then, the event has occured on an annual basis. The evening is both powerful and informative for all those who attend.

Over 100 students, peers, and faculty attended the event, which included performances by the talented Niki Black and Chapman Alumni Chelsea Marie Davis. Both singers opened the night with performances of their original songs. A video featuring Chapman students answering what they knew about sexual assualt was played and a call to action was presented. Members of C.A.R.E.S read anonymous stories from survivors and statistics about sexual assualt.

The night ended with an open microphone for both survivors and allies to speak. Many of the attendees were in tears as students told their stories, some sharing theirs for the first time. After the open microphone, brothers of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity held candles as people were leaving the building. A reception was held in Beckman Hall following the event. 

A powerful night to say the least, its purpose was clear; sexual assualt is an issue that has yet to cease. Only we can change that.

Danielle is a spoken word artist from Chicago and a nationally ranked slam poet who previously competed with the Los Angeles youth team. She has a strong fascination with sunflowers, a love for crows, and an addiction to tattoos.
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