Study Tips for Lazy People

1. Figure out if you’re a morning or a night studier.

This one is surprisingly helpful and can make the difference between losing sleep over rereading the same paragraph over and over or actually learning the material because your brain is awake enough. If you’re a morning learner, go to bed early and save some of the studying for the morning when you will actually process what you’re looking at.


2. Use Quizlet.

Quizlet is the best way to get the most out of studying a set of vocabulary while putting in the least amount of effort. With Quizlet, you can play games that help you learn the vocabulary and memorize it faster than ever. (Not an advertisement, just a strong recommendation!)


3. Take notes on your laptop.

If your professor allows it, take notes on your laptop so when the midterm comes around, you can copy and paste your notes into your study guide instead of rewriting everything. You’ll also be able to write a lot faster and have extra time to listen to what’s going on in class.


4. Study at a coffee shop.

This one may sound super basic, but studying at a coffee shop can actually help you focus and get yourself into the “studying mode” because you will have fewer distractions around you and less people to talk to. Plus, you’ll feel really trendy and get your daily coffee in too. 


5. Email the professor.

When you email the professor a question about something on an assignment or upcoming test, they often give you more information than you thought you needed. It also shows that you’re invested in your grade in the class and that you’re working to succeed. Two birds with one stone!


6. Share a study guide.

This one’s a classic, but it never fails to make life ten times easier. Splitting a study guide with a friend (or two, or three) saves you tons of time that you can spend studying for other things.