The Struggles of Having a Neutral-Only Wardrobe

1. Everyone thinks you're walking to your receptionist job at the mortuary when you do your power strut.

2. But on the inside, you're just ecstatic how well you matched your black clothes with your other black clothes.

3. Whenever you see people wearing anything other than black, brown, grey or white.

4. Your reaction whenever you discover the monochrome section of online shopping.

5. Your thoughts when someone buys you a pink shirt.

6. Your personal motto concerns others.

7. Trying to defend yourself when friends claim you don't have any color in your wardrobe.

8. Needing to document how your neutral attire is making your bubbly personality *especially* shine today.

9. The one day you don't dress like an ambassador for Yeezy and everyone freaks out.

10. When people say that you need more color in your life, you point to your neutral partner-in-crime.