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The Struggles of College Life, Told By Rory Gilmore

Ahh, the joys of college. The friends, the classes, memories, the all-nighters, the attempts to be an adult… Some days, you love your school and can’t believe how lucky you are to be a college student.

On other days, you may not be so sure about the direction your life is going in.


Prioritizing is often difficult, but necessary.

Living a balanced life is essential, but during midterm and finals seasons, it may feel a bit more like this:


The thought of living in “the real world” may leave you a bit uncertain.


When cooking isn’t your forte, healthy eating habits aren’t always an option.


Same goes for clean clothes.

Sometimes, you don’t realize how tired you are until after you wake up from a nap you didn’t even know you took.


…And, when you consider everything you have to accomplish, sleep can feel like both a blessing and a curse.

Multi-tasking is a valuable, and necessary, skill.


…Especially when classes, activities, homework, work and life all build up and everything miraculously ends up being due on the same day.


Take it one day at a time.


No matter how stressed you are, try not to be too hard on yourself.


Morning classes…Need I say more?


As the semester progresses, the stress builds…as does the need for caffeine.



Sometimes, you really just need the comfort of your family.

But no matter how you feel today, remember to keep everything in perspective. You will get through this!

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