Stages of Finding a Summer Internship

1. The new year just started! Oh, wait, it's already time to complete summer internship applications. 

2.  Typing in "internships" on Indeed and coming up with 158 search results.

3. How you view the "preferred skills" section of job postings: 

4. Taking the plunge and applying to a big company internship so you can live out your Carrie Bradshaw fantasy of ruling the city.  

5. But you freak out that Cosmopolitan or Johnson & Johnson will think you're a cockroach and end up knee-deep in shady Craigslist job postings. 

6. Throwing all your pizazz into the cover letter, because mentioning your appreciation for math textbook jokes will win you that Wall Street gig.

7. And then getting down to business with the resume.

8. But really, this is what your technical skills amount to:

9. When the employer asks for letters of recomendations.

10. You applied for the same, extremely competitive internship as me? That's awesome! 

11. Interviewing yourself before the interview.

12. Trying to present yourself as a well-rounded person at the actual interview.

13. The interview was either good or so-awful-you-joked-about-how-your-cat-barfed-that-day bad. Either way, this is your post-interview look: 

14. Congratulations. Your new favorite word. You got your dream internship and thought it would never happen!

15. Time to daydream about how you're going to be the coolest intern ever.