Spring Cleaning - Easy Tips and Tricks to Tidy Up for Summer

With spring in our midsts and summer around the corner, spring fever can be the perfect thing to get you to complete all your chores (even if you don’t want to). Here are a few tips to help you get started.




TURN UP THE TUNES (obviously.)

Before you do anything, it is a given that you need something to listen to. Play your favorite playlist or Netflix series, and just let it play in the background as you clean up your life.



When it comes down to it, no matter how motivated you are to clean, it can be difficult with all the different tasks you have put in front of you. Take things step by step, maybe first getting rid of any trash around your area or putting dishes away.



Similar to the previous idea, grouping things into actions can make the whole process a lot easier. Instead of cleaning one random thing after the other, put all your clothes away at once, then pick up your shoes.



Tell yourself that you can do something after you finish. Whether it’s the ice cream in your fridge or a face mask you’ve been wanting to try, a simple reward can keep you motivated to work hard!



After you’ve finished, no matter what, the best reward is being able to look around your area and be proud of the well-organized closet or the simply visible floors you’ve created.