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Reasons Not to be Social

1. I think I’m coming down with something and don’t want to infect other people.

2. Finals are in three months, so I really need to start studying.

3. When there are more than six people, they take all my oxygen and I can’t breathe.

4. I need to beat my personal record for most-watched episodes on Netflix in one day.

5. I got lunch with someone earlier – my social quota is filled for the day.

6. I met someone online yesterday… doesn’t that count?

7. I donated all my clothes to charity and have nothing to wear. It really sucks being a good person sometimes.

8. I’m afraid people will be intimidated by how awesome I am and won’t talk to me.

9. It’s going to be under 70 degrees? NO. JUST NO.

10. My (insert family member/close friend here) is having an emergency and I need to tend to them.

11. It’s raining outside.

12. It’ll probably snow later.

13. I’m supposed to hear back about a job sometime this week so I should probably wait for the email.

14. My favorite pair of boots is going on sale and I need to stay in to buy them.

15. I’m planning my wedding on Pinterest.

16. I need to FaceTime my dog. 

17. I’ve decided to start a new hobby of (insert new –preferably solitary- hobby here) and need to devote 100 percent of my time to it.

18. I’m allergic to the sun.

19. And air.

20. And other humans.

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