Presidential Candidates That Should Have Been On the Ballot

I’m not a big politics person, but since elections are coming up, it was my civic duty to read every single proposition, make some type of logical decision and send in my ballot. Obviously, casting a vote on who should be president is lowkey the most important thing on there, since y’know, they’re about to be in charge of our country, but here are a couple of candidates I would’ve liked to see on the ballot instead or in addition to the ones currently running.


1. Liberty Van Zandt

After being on Degrassi Student Council for years, she definitely knows how to get things done and will take no one’s BS.


2. Mark Del Figgalo

He’ll make things better. Have you even seen his face?


3. Bob

A vote for Bob is a vote for Bob. We do it for the suite life.


4. Louise Belcher

She isn’t Millie. Let’s be honest, Louise is just the cartoon, child-version of Frank Underwood.


5. Bolbi Stroganovsky

He’ll implement the Slap Dance into everyone’s everyday schedule.