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Packing for Home: What to keep and what to give

It’s that time again, whether it’s your first time moving out of the dorms or you’re moving out of your second apartment, there is the same process that always happens. You gather your things, and try to fit as much as you can in your suitcases, but when your bag is bursting from it’s seams and you’ve ran out of boxes it’s time to rethink what you bring home with you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you.


How many is too many?

We all feel the need to keep 5 different versions of that one thing. They all look the same to everyone else but to you each one has a subtle difference or a different purpose. KEEP 1, 2 AT MOST. Cut down the duplicates because realistically you don’t need all of them.


Was the last time the last time?

Think back to the last time you wore or used the item. If you have used it in the past month you can keep it. If it takes you more than a minute to think back to the last time that you used it, get rid of it! If you haven’t used it in the past month it is highly unlikely that you will miss it if it is gone.


Will you need this next year?

It feels far in advance, but think of the things you are going to need next year. Are you going to have the same size bed, will you be needing that target mattress topper that’s filling your suitcase. Are you going to be needing the miniature items you specifically got in your dorms in your apartment? Most likely the answer is no, so if you don’t have room for the items the best thing to do would be to sell or give these things away.


Is this something you can buy later?

As much as it might hurt you inside to throw away things because it feels wasteful, sometimes it is necessary. If you are low on space, it is okay for you to throw away that big bottle of nail polish remover or the hair products with bulky packaging that are running low. It might hurt your heart and your wallet to replace but your more important items shouldn’t be sacrificed for these easily replaceable things.


Can you ship it? Yes you can!

If you get desperate and still don’t have room, pack the less fragile things like clothes into boxes for them to be shipped home. It might be expensive so it would be less advised, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Packing is hard, but it doesn’t always have to be stressful! Take things step by step, put on some fun music or your favorite tv show and you can get through this!!

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