Oh Look, Another Sexy Pennywise


Since It is arguably the most popular horror movie this season, and everyone plus their dog has seen a makeup tutorial on Pennywise’s smile, Pennywise and Georgie will definitely make an appearance at any Halloweekend party you go to, so be wary of any red balloon you see on the Lyft ride back.

Stranger Things

With the new season coming out and so many interesting characters to choose from, this Netflix original will most certainly be coming out of The Upside Down this Halloween.


Wonder Woman

Empowered women, this is the future everyone wants, so it’s no wonder why you’ll have a Wonder Woman in your group this year.


Beauty and the Beast

A Disney classic that has found its way into our hearts once more also makes a great couple costume for those who believe that opposites attract.


This is such an easy costume to prepare and DIY that it no doubt will fill a party with a sense of safety that "beaches ain't ready" for. 

Game of Thrones

These costumes have been trending for years, yet they still make the list.  Isn’t it about time you get around to watching it?

Star Wars

Everyone is freaking out over predictions regarding the new trailer, and who doesn’t want to carry around a lightsaber?