No Time to Read the News? Skimm it!

As Chapman Students, we are all busy. Taking five classes, having an internship or a job, and participating in a club and/or a sorority at the same time isn't unsual on campus. While this leaves many of us with little free time, there is one thing we Collegiettes should never neglect (besides ourselves!): the news. 

I get it, the first thing we think when we wake up isn't "check CNN," it's "where's my coffee." Here's where The Skimm comes in. The Skimm reads the news, condenses the most important parts into short, easy to read paragraphs and sends you a brief email newsletter every morning. Now, you can read the news on your phone while you are drinking your coffee! A win for everyone.

Here's an example of a Skimm newsletter:

Interested? Sign up for The Skimm now and read the rest of this newsletter here.

(Photo courtesy of The Skimm)