A Night Out At Chapman, As Told By Drake

10:01pm  You get a text from that boy from a couple weekends ago with an address. Between this and the other two parties going on in Orange you decide to stop by and see how it is. 

10:40 Oh shoot its already 10:40?? Did anyone call the uber? someone call the uber. Oh the uber is here? ok WE ARE MOVING PEOPLE 

10:45 Ok who are all these agressive people standing outside? No, no I'm not a freshmen. Yes I would like to go inside. Thanks?

10:47 Damn I know a lot of people here . Oh didn't want to see you or you...or you

11:00 OK maybe we should try dancing? That looks fun, right?


11:05 no no too hot for that no no

11:30 well this has been fun but you know whats also fun: tacos