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Mother Knows Best

Getting out of the house and living on your own is one of the biggest transitions you go through. The freedom you have by staying out till 2 a.m., eating ice cream daily and basically doing whatever you please came so fast. But after everything settles, you realize that something is missing. You’ve basically done everything you wanted to do and now you want some order in life. “Hmm… maybe I should eat some broccoli and go to bed early tonight.” I wonder who taught you to do that…

I guess it’s true…

Being in college has revealed so much of what my mother has done for me.

  1. Her cooking


2. Her advice/nagging


3. Her ability to stay on top of things for herself AND for you.  

4, Making sure you get your fruits and veggies.


5. When she cleans the house (especially the bathroom)  

6. Her life lessons  

7. The way she puts other people first  

8. Being the best chauffeur


9. Her support and honesty


10. Her unconditional love

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