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Life Lessons We Learned from ‘The Amanda Show’

“The Amanda Show” was more than silly skits and crazy characters. Amanda told us the truth when no one else would. Here is what Amanda taught us about life:

Justice will always be served.

Bring in the dancin’ lobstahs.


High school is so, so, so much worse than we had thought.

I was Sheila. I am Sheila.


Passive bystanding is never an option.


Life could always be worse.

I mean, when we think about how her mom was stranded somewhere in a hot air balloon, her dad lost his toe, her crush only responded by asking the opposite and how her overly sensitive friend Misty cried about everything, it really isn’t *that* unrealistic.


The best things in life are the little things.

Or in Moody’s case, the most important thing in life is the big toe, and its location.


Not every infomercial product actually works, or exists.

This is very unfortunate. *cue list*

True fangirling is intense.

Tell me it’s not accurate. Because you can’t.


We learned about stoners without really learning about stoners.

There is just simply no other explanation. We all laughed, but when it comes down to it, we all know a Kyle.

Popularity isn’t everything.


But having a good group of girls is.

We all need an Amber (the “popular” one), a Sheila (the passive aggressive one), a Tammy (the “exchange student” from Tennessee) and a Debbie (the egg lover) in our squads.


People are more than they seem.

“Yo yo yo, it’s Amanda’s Jacuzzi.” Really, Amanda just coerced some secret fetishes out of some famous people, then offered them spaghetti.


Parodies are often better than the originals.

Blockbuster actually went out of business because of Blockblister. In the end, it was much better.


There’s always time for a Hillbilly Moment.

We could always use a good knock-knock joke – maybe even straight to the head.


Distractions are to be expected.

Remember the debate?? The dancing, the corn, the MAH HAHS??


But maybe the biggest of them all – the best shows never last long.


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