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Leslie Knope Wants You to Vote and We Do Too

Every year we get a chance to do something great, to make a difference and for once make our voice heard; we get to vote! It may seem unimportant especially when it’s not a presidential election like this year but it matters more than you think. The politicians at state and local government levels are the ones making decisions that are going to directly affect you. Do you hate transportation in your city? They’re the ones who have the power to improve it.

Think of it this way, you don’t want a bunch of Councilman Jamms on your city’s council. It’s our job to elect people who are qualified and passionate about their jobs, the Leslie Knopes who will fight for us no matter what. Even if you’re a Ron Swanson and think that all politicians are corrupt and you hate the government, you should still vote. By not voting you are essentially forfeiting your right to complain about issues they deal with. It’s kind of like when someone orders pizza and they ask; “what kind do you want?” and you say “I don’t care” but then the pizza arrives and its Hawaiian and you hate Hawaiian. You don’t get to complain that they got Hawaiian because you said you didn’t care, it’s the same thing with voting.

Now I know it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the different initiatives and different candidates that are running but it’s important that we take the time to learn about them. It wasn’t so long ago that 18 year olds couldn’t vote, the reason the voting age was lowered was all the young men being sent to fight in Vietnam. They had no say as to who was in office with the power to send them to war. As a democracy our country’s well being relies on the people and whom the people elect. Voting is a privilege, one that most of us take for granted. Turn on your TV and you’ll see nations torn apart because of dictators, the people sick and tired of authoritarian rule. Their dream, a nation where they have a say.

Our generation has grown up with our nation at war our entire lives. In a way we were almost born to be cynical but we don’t have to be about everything. Let’s be the generation that cares and does. Let’s be the generation that backs our political posts with votes and rallies everyone around them to make a difference! This election day make Leslie Knope proud and do your civil duty and vote. Turn it into a celebration of our nation’s ability to transfer power without any violence. So for once let’s put down our phones and pick up a ballot. Go out and enjoy the day where for once your voice matters! Get out there and VOTE!

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