To Learn, To Lead, To Serve (LEAD Minor Explained)

What is the Leadership Minor? The leadership program at Chapman University is uniquely designed to allow students to gain self-awareness and develop their character, while simultaneously presenting opportunities for teamwork, critical thinking and servant leadership. The program was designed and implemented by Dr. Mark Maier, who has nurtured the program, and the students for years. The lead program has grown to be a passionate community of students and professors. These professors are some of the most supportive, genuine, and caring people on the Chapman campus.

Who’s involved? This minor is applicable to any student, with any major. The beauty of the leadership program is that it brings diverse people together in amazing ways. A majority of the students in the classes have committed to the minor, while many others take classes as part of their cluster requirements or GE requirements.

What's it all about? My personal journey in the Leadership Studies minor has been incredibly fulfilling. This program has allowed me to understand myself deeply and to use that knowledge to collaborate with others. These classes do not focus on grades or tests, rather they focus on growth and improvement. The readings, conversations, retreats, activities, lessons, skills, and awareness this program offers is applicable to every kind of relationship, friendship, job, and life in general. Whatever you expect from this program, I promise you it will exceed your expectations and you will apply what you learn each and every day.

Leading as a Way of Serving Class at Retreat, Spring 2014

Developing Effective Teams Class at UCI Ropes Course Retreat, Fall 2014

What kind of classes are offered?

  • Introduction to Leadership: Principles & Practice
  • Theory and Practice of Leadership
  • Leading as a Way of Serving
  • Developing Effective Teams
  • Great Leaders: Integrity, Passion & Service
  • The Multicultural Organization

For a full list of class requiements & elective options click here.

What do students say about it?

“College for me was all about discovering myself, how I work best, what I want to do in the future, most people. Self discovery is literally the essence of the LEAD minor, which people don't realize when they first think of it. If your passionate about people and building strong relationships and working with others, I STRONGLY suggest you at least consider taking a LEAD class, if not joining the program. It definitely opens your eyes to who you are and who you want to be in relation to others. Best decision I've made in college (aka I love it even more than my major.)” -Jordan Pennino, 2016

"I have enjoyed the LEAD minor because of its balance between the theory and practice of leadership principles. One day we might be reading aboout a leadership theory, then in the same session we're doing an activity that lets us see this theory come into play. There is a high level of experiential learning in the program!" -Chad Rabago, 2015

"I love the LEAD program because the classes have taught me so much about myself and what we learn is so widely applicable to all aspects of life. Also, the teachers and students in the program are people I enjoy being around and learn a lot from. Having a LEAD class in your schedule just makes school so much more fun and enjoyable." -Derek Wang, 2016

“I would recommend LEAD to anyone because it has a lot of real life application that can apply to both professional and personal life. You learn a lot about yourself as an individual and how you interact with other people.” -Mia Rodriguez, 2015

"The LEAD program has been life changing for me. The reason I love it so much is because all of the material that we learn is immediately applicable in life. I can take what I learned from yesterday and apply it today. I can even continue applying for the rest of my life. It has taught me useful skills that have developed me into the person I am today. It has definitely changed my life for the better." -Vitoe Le, 

What else do I need to know? The minor is 21 credits and you need to apply to be accepted. You can also nominate another student to be accepted to the program. The link to the application, nomination form, and the directions to apply can be found here under the "admissions" tab. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mark Maier at [email protected] or Kim Padulo at [email protected]!

Developing Effective Teams Class at UCI Ropes Course Retreat, Fall 2014