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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cute & Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming and it’s coming quickly!  If you’re like me and halloween came way too fast for you this year, here are some easy ideas for cute costumes that are great for this halloween!

  1. The most cliche costume ever! Cat ears and all black clothing!  Quick, easy, and cheap!

  1. Go as one of the plastics from Mean Girls! All you need is excessive amounts of pink and pretend it’s Wednesday!

  1. Minnie Mouse!  If you have any disneyland mouse ears laying around this is always a cute way to do it! Just wear black and red, and you’re set!

  2. Dressing up like your favorite athlete is always a cute idea! All you need is a jersey!

  3. Last, but probably my favorite the classic white t-shirt that states “This is my halloween costume.”


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