Kylie Williams: California Cool

Junior transfer Kylie Williams is no stranger to bikinis. Growing up in Palos Verdes, California, she and best friend Hana Cookson spent summers basking in the sun and building their extensive suit collections. Bikinis from Victoria's Secret and Diane's Beachwear became their summer wardrobe staple, perfect for spending endless hours at the beach in.

One fateful day last summer, after noticing the girls’ obsession with bikinis, Kylie’s grandmother presented the perfect opportunity: combine her impeccable seamstress skills and Kylie and Hana's knowledge of the swimsuit industry to create a suit line targeted to today’s young female.

With the proper vision and talent, Almost Naked was born.

Almost Naked is a collection of ultra-flattering bikinis, designed to show off a woman's body in a sexy, but classy way. Today the line has six bikinis and two one-pieces. They have a strong social media presence, with over 11,000 followers on Instagram (@almostnaked__).

“We started last summer around June. We started out with a Fourth of July line, and girls loved the suits. Where I'm from, everyone loves to go to the beach for the Fourth, so having a patriotic swimsuit was a necessity,” said Kylie.

With cute suits and a catchy name, the line was an instant hit. One little known fact: the name Almost Naked came from a sarcastic comment made by Kylie's mother. "We were making a password for our accounts and my mom came up with almost naked as one, being a smart-ass about the style of our suits," said Kylie.

Overall, the experience has been very educational for Kylie. Through trial and error, she has learned the ins and outs of the fashion industry. “After many errors, we finally found what works and what doesn't. We've successfully sold out of the majority of our styles,” said Kylie.

With this new knowledge, the team is ready and eager to improve the Almost Naked 2015 line. Kylie is already making big plans for the future: Almost Naked hopes to expand the company by selling their suits in major swimwear and department stores, as well as eventually opening up their own shop.

And if you’re a Chapman lady, you’re in luck. “I also want to put on a huge trunk show where our bikinis are sold at a discounted price, so all of the Chapman ladies can come and get there bikinis!” said Kylie. 

When she’s not busy conquering the swimsuit industry and working on her 2015 line, Kylie spends her days on the golf course, at the beach, and in class, working towards a degree in sociology. She is able to balance both Almost Naked and her education by working with partners who are understanding of her commitment to her Chapman education.

It may be winter, but the women of Her Campus Chapman can't wait to get our hands on an Almost Naked suit!

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