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Keeping Life Fresh

Do you ever feel like life is boring? There are moments and chapters in life when things are zestful and fresh. Some of those rip-roaring times have been being a fearless elementary school kid, taking in the last moments of high school with best friends, and entering the exotic new world of college. As time passes, we get comfortable after major changes in our lifestyle, and although it’s normal to be comfortable, it’s easy to fall into the trap of routine. Now don’t get me wrong, having a routine is very convenient. It keeps us in check to getting what is necessary done, keeps us from the unexpected (usually), and lets us have a feeling of control. But when we are in that set routine all the time, life can get a little dull.

A typical week would be: On weekdays you go to work and school, and on weekends you relax and hang out with your friends. Although there’s nothing to complain about there, you could always add a little kick to your day or week to keep things exciting. Changing things up even just a little is what makes life vibrant. Do not underestimate little things that can make you happy.

Once a week (or more), take a different route to work/school.

It’s simple and will most likely take the same amount of time as your normal route. But the experience will be different. You won’t be just trying to get by; you’ll see different faces, feel the different vibes and be present as you navigate the unfamiliar area.

Spend time with someone who is unlike you/not in your social circle

This could be a person who’s a lot older/younger, person of opposite job/major, anything. Of course, everyone is different, but if you’ve noticed, friends tend to be pretty similar, so try and spend time chatting with some new people. You’ll be surprised what you learn from someone who has a totally different perspective than you.


It’s actually very helpful to write down your thoughts, plans and goals. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it gives us a conscious way to physically get in our head and be present with who we are. Plus, 10 years from now, you can read it, see what you were feeling and observe how you’ve changed. Your character is always changing, so maybe even a week later you’ll feel different.

Try a different type of food you don’t usually eat

Do you usually go for Mexican food on Friday nights? YUM. But switch it up sometime! Maybe try the new Mediterranean restaurant down the street. Food = happiness, so it’s a win-win. Plan a fun trip

Don’t just think, do! Work with what you have and figure out a plan to save (especially because traveling can be expensive). You’ll be so satisfied with a plan that when the time comes to go, you’ll feel confident you have everything you need.

Do something new every weekend

Remember, variety brings the colors to life. New things you try can be an activity, restaurant, starting a conversation with a stranger; bonus points if this activity makes you get out of your comfort zone!

The little things you do to make your day a pleasure don’t have to be extravagant things like flying to a different country or going skydiving; they can be simple! Each day doesn’t have to have a huge difference than the day before. As life moves, the effort you make to ensure you are having fun will make all the difference. When you look back at your life, you’ll appreciate those little moments when you changed it up as it will lead you to the adventure-rich life. Life is more than your routine so get out and spice it up.

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