Interesting Adaptations For Fans of Shakespeare

Shakespeare's popularity has only seemed to rise as the years go on, with many new adaptations of his characters and stories coming to life again and again with the passing days. From animation to video games, here is a short list of six awesome adaptations that are sure to help satisfy one's Shakespeare cravings. 

For those that enjoy watching: 

          1. "The Hollow Crown"

"The Hollow Crown" is an awesome miniseries combining Shakespeare's History plays into a long cohesive story. Great to watch, but beware--the language is as much Early Modern English as the Bard's plays. It's a great series to binge watch if you have a free weekend and features prominent A-List actors like Tom Hiddleston and Patrick Stewart. 

          2. "Shakespeare: The Animated Tales"

These animated tales are straight out of the 90s, but they still bring joy to those that watch them. My personal favorite is this series' "The Taming of the Shrew." Funny and a bit nostalgic, the episodes will keep you entertained in half-hour increments if you're looking for a way to kill time before your next class.  

For those that enjoy reading:

          1.  "Requiem for the Rose King" (or "Baraou no Souretsu")

This manga is pretty off-track for a Shakespeare adaptation. Sure to be a tragedy since Richard III is the main character, readers are still left wondering how the series will end and what other changes can be made to this already thrilling adaptation by Aya Kanno. 

          2. "Good Tickle Brain, a mostly Shakespeare webcomic"

This series is a short bundle of comics that mostly retell Shakespeare's classics in three panels. If you enjoy the splash comic style and memes that masterfully pun the pun-master, this webcomic is perfect for you!

For those that enjoy playing games:

          1. "To Be or Not To Be: A Choosable-Path Adventure"

This choose-your-own-adventure book is great for any long trip. It's a run on "Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark" that lets you play the different characters and right the wrongs that fate has dealt (minus, of course, the former King's death). You can choose the path of comedy, brutal revenge, or some other direction yet to be discovered within the pages of this book. A game for any age and any fan of Hamlet. 

          2.  "MacRomeo and Julius"

This computer game may require that you download a bit of software, but its worth it. In the game, Shakespeare got drunk the night before and his plays are scattered everywhere, so it's your job to piece the plays together for the masses and get the crowd on your side before they riot. Comedy, romance, drama--these are your goals! Succeed and you complete the game without getting a bunch of tomatoes thrown in your face. Fun for a night alone and twenty minutes of your time.