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I Messaged Guys on Tinder With “Reputation” Lyrics

Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, Reputation, just dropped, and it is chock-full of amazing lyrics, as usual. Since I wanted to try out a bunch of her amazing lines, I took to Tinder and messaged some more guys, continuing my quest to find love.


My bio references one of my favorite songs off the album, “Delicate,” because I think I’m funny.


This is the kind of support I need in my life!!! Thank you Shane!!!


Reputation definitely has a lot of sexy lyrics, which probably got guys like Cedric a little excited. I also didn’t know what he meant by my preferences, like was I supposed to design my perfect sexy date night?


Maybe Cameron really was the one, but I have a feeling that he was more in it to–ahem–take my dress off.


You have to admire a dude that knows what he wants.


I occasionally still get messages from Cameron II asking for my snapchat. Poor dude.


I would just like to point out that I sent Grant these messages the day the album was released. Homeboy must be a true Taylor Swift fan.


That GIF Michael sent me freaked me out a little, not gonna lie. Sometimes it pops into my head when I’m trying to fall asleep and it is terrifying.


Is my address a joke to you, Paul???


Honestly Jacob, even I don’t know anymore. I feel like I should send some of these guys apology messages for these cryptic texts.


You’re never going to get a girl if you’re just an aggressive asshole, Grant.


As if Tyler could beat me at Monopoly. Nice try, sweetie :)


**Damn is right, Jared.


Tinder is full of jerks like Grant, but every once in awhile, you’ll find supportive guys like Shane that you could very well fall for. I mean, I didn’t because I never messaged him back, but you could! So get out there and find your Shane, ladies!


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