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How To Survive When Your Boyfriend Lives In Another Country

Long distance is never easy, especially when your boyfriend doesn’t even live in the same country as you. Let alone, a different continent. Yet, you stay together because you value your relationship more than anything else. You want to be together. You want to survive. Here’s how you can do just that.


  1. Text each other. ALL DAY. Use WhatsApp or video chat using Skype. Whatever it is, talking to him will make you smile

2. Have movie night. Watch a movie at the same time on your computers while you video chat. You won’t be alone if you watch a scary movie. Bae can comfort you from the other side of the world.

3. Send letters. That way he can have a small piece of you from thousands of miles away.

4. Travel. Go visit each other! It’s a great excuse to go on vacation. Just being next to him, will make up for all the texting and skype calls.

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