How to Get In the Fall Spirit In A Place Where the Weather Doesn’t Really Change

Now, being from the east coast, I’m a huge sucker for autumn. Having bonfires, picking apples, going to football games in cozy sweaters, I want to do it all. And although it can be nice not to have to bundle up on those chilly mornings, the never-changing sunny weather of SoCal can get a bit monotonous. So, in the true spirit of fall, I’ve compiled a list easy tips & tricks to get you in that fall spirit.

1. Buy a fall-scented room spray and douse your dorm room in it.

Not allowed candles? No problem! Pick up a bottle of delicious-smelling room spray and do it the easy way! Instant fall invigoration!

2. Find your favorite fall movie on Netflix and have a movie night!

Now before you groan about how Netflix has a limited selection of Halloween movies, they just got a bunch of new ones for October, so go check them out!

3. Buy some apple cider and heat it up on the stove/in your microwave.

Another easy trick to making your whole room smell good is to warm up some apple cider slowly on the stove. Add a cinnamon stick or two if you’re feeling fancy.

4. Buy some candy corn and keep a little baggy in your backpack.

Want to feel autumn on the go? Throw some candy corn pumpkins in a baggy in your backpack for a mid-class pick me up. Pretend that breeze in the trees outside your classroom is a chilly one!

5. Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Feeling crafty? Take a trip to the dollar-section of Target and stock up on cheap décor for your dorm room. Pumpkin string lights, a stuffed Jack-O-Lantern, whatever you can find! Being surrounded by visuals can instantly boost your mood on those long nights of studying.