How to Adjust to Going Home and Then Returning to College for Freshman

You're almost fully adjusted to tons of freedom, social time, food whenever you want it and the responsibility of college, but now you're going to face another challenge—coming back home for Thanksgiving Break and soon Christmas! Some people have great relationships with parents while others do not. So being home may be a burden instead of a blessing. 

Tips for coming back home— 

    • Try to help out! During school you did your laundry, dishes and cleaned your room, right? Well you're going to have to continue this at home. If you help out around the house a little, especially during the busy holiday season, your parents will appreciate your effort which in return will help your relationship and show your growth as an adult. 
    • Try to getting a part time job or find something to do with your spare time. This may sound silly but even your parents have adjusted to you being away, of course they missed you and are happy to have you back, but sitting around the couch all day may cause conflicts. Maybe try dog walking or babysitting a little, because getting out and working can not only help you make some money and give you work experience but also shows your parents the steps you're taking to become an adult. 
    • Its important to have a talk with your parents after returning from college because rules are obviously different at home. Dicuss a curfew— or anything that could possibly cause a problem. If you can understand their point of view than chances are they will understand yours. 

    Staying connected with friends— 

    • Call them! Talking on the phone can be a great way to catch up and stay in touch with someone! Texting is harder and less personal. 
    • Reach out to them when something happens that reminds you of them! Funny videos, jokes or pictures!
    • If you have friends that are close, try to go and visit them! The best way to maintain good relationships is to talk on the phone or see each other in person!

    Coming back to college— 

    Surprisingly, returning to college can also be an adjustment. After having tons of alone time, home cooked meals and the overall “at home” feeling, it can be hard making the transition back to limited privacy and all nighters. 

    • Have a budget! Having a college budget is huge, not only is it a big step towards adulthood but it also gives you a limit so you don't over spend.
    • Less is more! Don't overpack when coming back to college. As you probably remember there isn't too much space to begin with, so make sure you don't bring too much back.
    • Remember to communicate with your roommates! Adjusting to living with people can be hard. Try and set cleaning schedules and talk about when its appropriate to invite friends or partners over; this is key to keeping a comfortable living environment.  
    • College is extremely stressful so you must understand your own needs as well. Try to get enough sleep, exercise regularly or possibly seek out counseling on campus if you ever really need someone to talk to. 

    Most importantly remember to have fun and enjoy yourself! College is supposed to be the best time of your life! So enjoy it and don't overthink anything!