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High School Sweethearts at the Same College

My high school boyfriend attends Chapman University and happens to be three doors away from me. Once I say that, everyone assumes that we went to the same college as each other on purpose. That really isn’t the case at all. It really just happened to work out that way. Everyone still looks at me like this:

I’m going to dive in deeper to show what it’s really like to have your high school sweetheart at the same college as you – some of these could work for friends too.

  • People are confused if you got together in college or before. You just have to have your “elevator pitch” ready to explain that you’ve been together since high school, but happened to both go to the same college and you didn’t do that on purpose.

  • You can just walk into his room whenever you want. No more asking if his parents will let you come over to hang out or to just drop off something. You can literally just walk over to his room when you’re bored or miss him.

  • You always have someone to eat with at the dining hall. You never have to eat alone and there is always someone to eat the vegetables you don’t like!

  • People assume you guys want to get married. Go back to saying, “It all just worked out.”

  • But you should make sure you spend time with friends while also seeing each other. It’s important to meet new people and not keep each other from trying new things. But it is also important to make time for each other.

  • You don’t have to ask parents for permission to do stuff together. You can just go on random adventures last minute!

  • You’re able to go on adventures together that you wouldn’t be able to do at different colleges. It is possible to still do so at different colleges, but it’s not as difficult to do when you’re both at the same college.

  • You get asked if you requested to live near each other in the dorms (since we are three doors away from each other). No, it just happened to work out this way!

  • You see each other take advantage of the opportunities they have and are able to support each other. Whether that’s going to their baseball game or listening to their Chapman Radio show, it’s easier to be there for them and cheer them on to do what they’re passionate about.

  • Being able to experience a whole new part of your lives together. College is a big step from high school. It’s always nice to have someone there with you for the ride!

There are some of these that might be normal for college couples, but personally these are things I realized once I started college that are different from being a couple in high school. Some of these also work for friends at the same college in addition to significant others.

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