High School Rules That Don't Matter In College

In high school, there were a lot of things that we weren’t allowed to do/wear, but in college, I’ve had this "life-changing" realization that people couldn't care less about these things that my friends and I got detention for doing. At first I was hesitant to do some of these things, thinking I would get in trouble, then I realized these rules that I’m used to living by don’t apply anymore.


1. Wearing hats during class (apparently, this was too “distracting”)

2. Short skirts/shorts--their definition of short always seemed unreasonable

3. Wearing open-toed shoes

4. Chewing gum

5. Wearing leggings as pants

6. Going off campus for lunch

7. Showing bra straps -- like my principal once said, “You don’t want to see my undergarments, so I don’t want to see yours."

8. Wearing a crop top with no under shirt ​

9. Skateboarding/riding bikes on campus