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Here’s What the Rest of the World Thinks of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is still in the presidential race, and doing well, no less. But if you’re terrified of even the potential of Trump sitting in the Oval Office for the next four years, you’re not alone. 

 Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of state, recently said: “One of the hard parts about being a diplomat, when you go abroad, you don’t want to criticize your country, and so trying to explain what’s going on to foreigners is hard, but they are looking at us as if we’ve lost our minds. And they were very nervous because I think that the messages coming out from Donald Trump are quite scary in terms of keeping people out of America and building walls and threatening and saying, we’ll make them do whatever. That is not the language of a commander in chief.”

But during her travels from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia, she was asked: What is going on in America?

It’s a fair inquiry. 

Given all that’s happening, EliteDaily reached out to people across the world and asked them:

What do you think about Donald Trump and is he suited to be President of the United States?

Here’s what they found:

Edinburgh, UK

“The United States means a great deal to me: My girlfriend and her wonderful family are American. I called it home for 18 months of my life, when I lived and worked in the great state of Maine; and some of my best friends from graduate school are Americans.

My major problem with Trump is that, contrary to his rhetoric and that of this supporters, he is the worst type of politician – a demagogue whose political ambition is rooted in his own narcissism, rather than a sincere desire to improve the lives of his constituents. And whilst Trump continues his campaign of self-aggrandisement, he is doing untold damage to America both domestically and internationally – and it pisses me off!” – Darrren


Baku, Azerbaijan

“With the current situation in the world, where war is around the corner of almost every house, why are many Americans voting for the person with the most radical views on almost every issue?

Do we want more war in the world? Are we really up for the third world war?

What strikes me the most is how Trump represents the complete opposite of America’s fundamental values. Isn’t America all about equality and liberty? How is Trump representing any of that? This person has no respect for anyone, he has no shame or manners whatsoever. And it’s not funny anymore. Presidential elections are NOT entertainment. This joke has to come to an end.” -Emilya


Aleppo, Syria

“I don’t want Americans to vote for Trump because I believe he would change a beautiful and successful country into a lost cause (like his own business). As a person who is studying to be a policy maker, I believe Trump has the least amount knowledge about policy of all the candidates. He just pretends to know what he’s talking about. Shouting out loud that ‘we will do this and we will do that’ is not a way to lead a country.” -Yahya


Dunbar, UK

“He is the embodiment of white privilege and therefore is too far removed from the reality of normal human life to be able to represent the people of America. He is too full of misguided or even just plain incorrect assumptions and preconceptions to safely or sensibly be given any sort of voice in the international community. Trump would be hilarious were he not such a threat to life as we know it.” -Maurice


Aachen, Germany

“My personal belief is that even if a leader has great resources to successfully compete with others, diplomacy should take precedence. In Europe, after all, the EU now succeeds in providing 60 years of peace after millennia of perpetual war. Trump supporters call that weak, I call it efficient. All economic or political criticism aside, peace is in everyone’s favor.

Trump’s foreign policy approach makes it hard to believe the US will be able to abstain from conflict that will not only take American lives in combat, but those of non-Americans, which I cannot believe many people view as an OK price to pay for their own illusion of safety.

As a non-American, I am hoping American citizens realize what kind of responsibility they have over the entire planet to make sure the power over a military that could virtually extinguish the entire Middle East is not given to somebody who sees dying civilians as just collateral damage in the fight against terror.” -Sina


Glasgow, UK

“He appears to embody the very worst introspective and xenophobic characteristics of a portion of Americans. This is aggravated by his limited intellect. A fool with great power is to be feared.” -Tom


Melbourne, Australia

“I’m mad about Donald Trump because the US is supposed to be a role model. You’re the strongest exporter of culture in the Western world and although you may not have asked for it, the US is a sort of litmus test for the rest of us on what is normal and acceptable and what isn’t. That is why I’m angry, not because some Americans are determined to sink their own ship but because you don’t realize you’ll be sinking ours as well.” -Jade


Arnhem, the Netherlands

“It’s only fair to give an example of why I would not vote for Trump. His remarks about building a wall on the US-Mexico border, banning Muslims (even temporarily) and dealing with the illegal immigrants are remarkable to say the least, yet it is beyond my belief that there are so many people who support those ideas. I find them outdated and unrealistic, not to mention history has shown us that targeting certain groups in society has never been the answer. It only leads to more negativism, and it could endanger the relationships that America has with other countries.” -Jordy


Stockholm, Sweden

“Being so backwards and uninformed both rhetorically and politically it is extremely difficult for me to see why anyone would vote for him, whether Democrat or Republican. I can only guess what having an openly xenophobic president would do to America, which does certainly not need to go back in history in racial equality…basically, without wanting to sound as childish as he does, Donald Trump seems to be as aware of world affairs as he is of the state of his own hair, and nobody wants a leader like that to be in charge of one of the most powerful countries in the world.” -Aili

Let’s wake up and join the rest of the world, America. It’s time. 
{And if you’re still not convinced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnpO_RTSNmQ}
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