Happy Halloweenies!

“Are you a ghost? Cus you are looking BOO-tiful tonight” is one of the many cheesy pick up lines you are bound to hear at a Halloween get together this fall. And, let’s be honest - this could go one of two ways. There’s always the “hah…umm…thanks?” and the painful, weird conversation that is sure to follow. Or you can do what I do and break the awkward silence by stuffing food in my face, smiling, and backing away into a sea of cat-eared collegiates and fraternity farmers.

As a lover of food and holidays, I find myself pinterest-ing up a storm around this time of year, looking for fun DIY projects and seasonal recipes. This week, I found one of the cutest Halloween noms EVER:

 “The Crescent Mummy Dog"

These little guys take about an hour and a half to make, but they are sure to steal the show at your upcoming Halloweekend event. This recipe makes about 10 mummy dogs – perfect for feeding all your ghoul and gal party guests!

You will need…

·      One 8oz can of refrigerated crescent dinner rolls or refrigerated seamless dough sheet

·      2 ½ slices of American cheese

·      10 large hot dogs

·      Knife

·      Cutting board

·      Cookie sheet

·      Cooking spray

·      Mustard and ketchup

Step One

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Step Two

For crescent dinner rolls: unroll dough and tear at perforations to make four rectangles.

For seamless dough sheet: unroll dough and cut into four, equal rectangles.

Step Three

Cut each rectangle lengthwise into 10 pieces, making a total of 40 strips of dough. Slice cheese into fourths.

Step Four

Take a hot dog and fasten a slice of cheese to the backside by wrapping 4 dough slices around the mummy wiener. About ½ inch from each end of the hot dog, separate the “bandages” so the hot dog shows through (we do this so we can add eyes later). Place the dogs cheese-side down on a cookie sheet and give them a quick spritz of cooking spray.

Step Five

Bake the mummy dogs for approximately 13 to 17 minutes until they are golden brown. At your discretion, take mustard and ketchup and draw on eyes. Enjoy!

So this Halloween, throw a costume party, make these yummy mummies, and turn up that wrap music! (ha ha ha)

Have an incredible week, Nommers. Happy eating!

Xo, C