Gun-Friendly Yoga Pants

     A hot new trend is making headlines around the United States: Yoga pants that carry concealed weapons. Endorsed by conservative commentator Tomi Lahren, these yoga pants have seven to nine pockets throughout the pants, which is the perfect amount to ensure all essentials are within easy reach. Additionally, Alexo Athletics provides fashionable and functional carry-wear that allows women to be empowered and independent while they carry with confidence. 

     Amy Robbins, the CEO and co-founder of Alexo Athletics, had a desire to see “women everywhere live a confident, self-reliant lifestyle.” Alexo are proud supporters of a woman’s right to choose how they protect themselves, and believe that the word “carry” entails women being able to carry whatever makes them feel safe, and makes them able to carry with confidence. The Signature Pant and the Carry Crop are available on for $99 and $84. Alexo Athletic also has their everyday Active Trench Jacket which carries concealed firearms.