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To The Friends We Grew Up With

To The Friends We Grew Up With,

We’ve been around each other since we were about four years old, just a group of girls laughing, crying and running around. All we wanted was someone to run around and play in the sandpit with. Who would’ve thought we’d all end up best friends?

And then we began to grow up together. We’ve seen the best and the worst of each other, and we’ve been through it all: the secret clubs, our favorite lunch spots and birthday parties. We’ve experienced boyfriends, broken hearts and everything in between. Nothing ever seemed to come between us. Sure, we’ve had countless fights and been ignored for days, but we’ve always found ourselves at each other’s houses weeks later laughing at our stupid decisions.

We’ve experienced mean teachers, bad tests and boring classes together. We’ve passed at least a million notes amongst ourselves in class and if even one of us didn’t show up to school, we’d all feel a little incomplete. We’d spend hours sharing packed lunches, gossiping about a million different people and complaining about our 16-year-old lives.

We’ve seen each other blossom from our awkward sixth-grade selves into beautiful confident women, capable of achieving anything in this world. We may be in different cities but we’ve always got each other’s backs. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that, no matter what happens, we can pick up our phones and just talk to each other, making everything all right again.

So many things have changed over the years. We’ve changed so much, from our personalities to our styles. We’re all pursuing different interests in different cities. We have new likes and dislikes, our own set of friends and our own lives. So much has changed and yet everything is the same. We still fight and make up in a few days and we still have inside jokes and make fun of each other. We still ask for outfit advice even though we’re miles apart and we still experience “awkward sixth grade” phases together. We still share our lunches when we go out and still experience boy problems and heartbreak. And even now, about 15 years later, you can still find us gossiping and laughing for hours together, reminiscing the good times. Fifteen years later, we still run around like kids. Fifteen years later, we’re still best friends.

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