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Five Questions We Still Have After The “Bachelor In Paradise” Finale

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

“Bachelor in Paradise” may have just ended, but our post-finale questions are just beginning! After a whirlwind season comprised of a seemingly limitless supply of alcohol, bikini-clad singles with a plethora of rather intriguing jobs (we’re looking at you, Evan), and of course, the infamous Chad Johnson, three couples left the so called paradise, a remote beach in Mexico surrounded by waves likely created by Ashely Iaconetti;s tears, happily engaged. Some pairs who now bare the token of any Bachelor’s love, a Neil Lane ring, had clear chemistry from the beginning, while others gradually developed relationships through a series of questionable circumstances (again, looking at you, Evan). Nonetheless, this season was accompanied by far too many twists and turns, and we now left feeling totally dissatisfied and unfulfilled. We’re no longer intrigued by rookie Bachelor Nation questions, such as inquiring about what really goes on in the Fantasy Suite. Chris Harrison always promises that every Bachelor-related anything will be the most dramatic season to come, and this time, we actually believe him. Essentially, after “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3, we want to know what happens when all of the cameras disappear, Jared goes back to being a restaurant manager, and Vinny continues barbering. Or something like that. We need answers, and we need them now.

1. Has Amanda’s ex-husband met Josh?

“Amanda and Josh are engaged? What a surprise!” said absolutely no one. Ever. Although I’d be lying if I said I’m over what happened between Amanda and Nick, everyone’s favorite single mama has finally landed her betrothed, and even though he might be one of the tackiest, most horrible human beings to ever grace Bachelor Nation, he seems to truly love Amanda. Despite the fact that the majority of their screen time was occupied by making-out and disgusting moaning noises, Josh and Amanda left paradise in each other’s arms – predictable However, what we still want to know is what about Kinz and Char’s dad? Does he have a say in all of this. Nick Buonfiglio, Amanda’s ex-husband who she loved to trash talk on Ben’s season, has a longtime girlfriend, according to our Facebook page. Sources also confirm that he’s immensely greedy, profiting off of his ex’s newly found fame. However, given this new post on his Facebook, we aren’t so sure how he feels about Josh being his daughters’ new step-father!

2. Is Izzy still “In It To Vin It?”

Oh, Izzy. Izzy, Izzy, Izzy. A move this savage in Bachelor history hasn’t been pulled since Ben sent Caila home after Fantasy Suites, or Kirk broke up with Carly right before the last day in paradise. Izzy royally messed up, and while we don’t exactly blame Vinny for not forgiving her, we wish he would! They were the sweetest couple, and seemed to genuinely care for one another ever since day one. We never found Brett to be all that fascinating, but if you have a lamp fetish, I guess he could be rather attractive. Nonetheless, after being dumped for a blonde teacher (classic), Izzy found herself craving the comfort of Vinny’s arms, only to be rejecting after emotionally calling him on the way to the airport. Since then, the two have been spotted together on numerous occasions, most notably at the airport. Have they rekindled their romance? Is their more to the story? Although they claim, like many others before them, that they are only friends, we are still holding out home for an alternative outcome.


3. How long did Caila and Jared last after leaving together?

Ashely I, a trendy and emotionally unstable virgin, made it her mission to ensure that if she couldn’t be happy with Jared, no one would be. Caila and Jared entered the honeymoon phase for less than two weeks before packing their things and taking off to pursue their relationship, leaving Ashley all alone on her island of heartache. Seriously, girl. Eat a box of See’s Candy, watch How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, download Tinder, and move on. Although Caila and Jared have publicly shared that they are no longer an item, we still crave the intimate deals pertaining to what went down after their departure, what dating in the real world was actually like, and why, ultimately, they decided to part ways.

4. Did Nick and Jen date after the awkward proposal failure?

Lauren has recently revealed that Jen and Nick were seeing each other post-paradise, and he pulled a Caila and dumped his partner when offered a better opportunity! Nick, the infamous runner-up, is now the Bachelor! Reality TV must feel really in debt to him, because he is now in the situation where he will end up engaged, no matter what, no exceptions. We’re almost positive that Jen will send out numerous social media blasts as the premier approaches informing us about what really went down, but she seems to be doing okay! She’s posting chic advertisements on Instagram, goes to invite parties, and is a fan favorite in Bachelor Nation. While her and Nick actually did seem to have an authentic connection were pursuing, Nick couldn’t bring himself to propose simply for the sake of doing so. Evidently, the act of proposing holds a much deeper meaning for him, given his multiple rejections on national television. Nonetheless, they would have been a cute duo! Hey Ashley, you might want to take notes from Jen about how to handle a public scandal, because she seems to have the right idea.

5. Are Lauren and Brett a thing?

Since his unexpected departure, Brett sat down with GLAMOUR magazine and said that he “definitely would try to reach out to Lauren to see if anything could be with her and I,” a sensitive notion to which Lauren responded to via Twitter. We are definitely rooting them to find love without the conditions of a scripted-reality parameter, and even though we sort of despite Brett for ruining Vinny and Izzy, he love the idea of him and Lauren together.

We’ll miss the drama, we’ll miss the cute outfits, but most importantly, we’ll miss Jorge, the bartender. Until next summer, “Bachelor in Paradise”!