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Festival Season Preparation

Festival season is rapidly approaching. Even though personally I have yet to attend and save up for a festival I still get excited over hearing and seeing the trends and creativity that emerges from them. Music festivals are a time to be unique and step out of your comfort zone. You’ll find inspiration everywhere you look from the music, decor, and outfits created. 

The biggest trends that have been surfacing lately are lace up details, off the shoulder anything, turtle neck or high neck tops, retro heels, bell sleeves, bodysuits, chokers and denim skirts (yes flash back to the 90s). These trends will be seen all throughout these festivals and if you’ve been looking to try one out I would recommend a festival for embracing your bold style. 

Go to Trends & Styles to Try:

Fun & Unique Sunnies— of course you can always splurge a little on the sunglasses but I’d recommend being careful with the ones you choose to bring because lets be honest the chances of you losing a pair of sunglasses are pretty high. I’d recommend Quay Sunglasses for a unique and sturdy pair, that arent too pricey


Denim Everything— denim overalls, denim overall shorts, denim overall dress, denim romper, denim set… and so on.


Bomber Jackets— this trend has been seen on many celebrities from Beyonce to Kate Moss. You can dress them up, make them sporty or even get a silky one for that extra sophistication. You can kind them at many places including ASOS, Forever21 and Topshop.


Suede & Fringe— you can rock suede in almost anythings… purses, boots, skirts or dresses. Suede & Fringe jackets are a definite style to try.


Boho Rompers— easy and comfy yet give a laid back stylish glow to them. 


Chokers— maybe chokers are starting to become a little basic but with a simple up-do it creates an effortless way to look put together & festival ready.


Back-packs— not only are back-packs great for storage, easy to carry and less likely to lose. They are also a great accessory and now come in such variety & style. 


If you’re looking to be outside the box maybe try:

Hair— yes this isn’t technically something you wear but mastering some updos, braids and weaving in some crazy hair accessories (like pins or hair clips…. check out Urban Outfitters) is definitely something that will be seen throughout festival season. Ranging from braids to hair rings and flowers, hair is going to be a cool trend to look out for. 

Bikinis & Coverups— wearing a bikini as a crop top or a one-suit as a bodysuit is a fun and creative look. Coverups are also fashionable and fun to wear with bodysuits or two-piece sets underneath. 

Vintage— at festivals you always see people whipping out their favorite vintage hand-me-downs. Festival time is a great time to check local flea markets, consignment stores and second hand stores to find unique pieces.You can also search for “vintage” products on the websites like Etsy, Poshmark and eBay for different options. 

Great Stores to browse for inspiration! 

  • Revolve Clothing 
  • Planet Blue
  • Nasty Gal 
  • Brandy Melville— may seem very “basic” but Brandy Melville actually features lots of cool vintage clothing that sells out pretty fast. 
  • Topshop
  • Zara

Top Festivals in USA to check out:

  • Coachella (April 15th-17th & April 22nd-24th) Indio, CA
  • Governors Ball (June 3rd- June 5th) Manhattan, NY
  • Electric Daisy Carnival (June 17th-19th) Las Vegas, NV
  • LOLLAPALOOZA (July 28th-31st) Chicago, IL 
  • Outside Lands (August 5th-7th) San Francisco, CA
  • FYF Fest (August 27th-28th) Los Angeles, CA
  • Burning Man (August 28th-September 5th) Black Rock Dessert, Nevada 
  • Fun Fun Fun Fest (TBA) Houston, Texas


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