Fall Semester As Depicted Through American Horror Story

1. Showing up to class on the first day of school in an outfit you actually planned the night before.

2. It's been two weeks since school started and an unvoiced seating arrangement has been established, yet that person still takes your chair.

3. Looking at your homework planner after syllabus week. 

4. You're wearing peanut butter-stained pajamas from two days ago and just failed a midterm, but still hope your peers see your beautiful soul shine through it all.

5. That point in November when you're willing to try anything if it's not cafeteria food or delivery pizza.

6. When you ask your teacher on how your grades are looking.

7. Pushing yourself to write that last 2,000 words of a 2,500 word essay the night before its due.

8. The day everyone switches from crop tops and high waisted shorts to sweater weather attire.

9. Attempting to justify your decisions the morning after Undie Run.

10. Seeing your grades after finals' week, whether they exceed your expectations...or not.