The Dos and Don'ts of Undie Run

One of Chapman’s many unofficial official traditions is the bi-annual Undie Run which happens every semester on Wednesday at midnight of finals week. It used to be a philanthrophic event for which everyone would come to the Piazza (the starting line), un-dress and put clothes in bins that will be later donated to those less fortunate. After the ritualistic undressing, everyone would run around the Circle at midnight. Having already run it for a few semesters, I have seen and experienced a number of things, things that should have been done and things that should have just been no brainers to begin with.


1. DO eat a full meal beforehand.

If you’re partaking in drinking some alcoholic beverages, you really don’t want to experience the aftermath that comes with drinking too much. If not, just remember that you’re expending some energy, and you’re going to need it if you’re going to run that mile around the Circle.


2. DO NOT run alone OR leave your friends.

This is to ensure safety. Don’t be THAT friend who leaves your friends behind and then ends up alone, lost in the crowd. It’s midnight, it’s dark and it’s terrifying.


3. DO have your phone on you.

In case #2 happens. Or, if you need to call an Uber, Lyft, Public Safety or anything that will get you home safe. Make sure it’s fully charged and ready to go.


4. DO NOT run in front of a camera.

Future you is depending on you to get a nice job. You don’t need a picture of yourself half-naked circulating the internet through an online newspaper.


5. DO wear closed-toe shoes and a sweater.

It’s cold, and do you really want to be stepped on?


6. DO NOT feel forced to do it.

It’s your decision, not anybody else’s.  


7. DO study for your exams beforehand.

Don’t go out with a guilty conscious.


8. DO NOT drink and drive.

No brainer. Honestly, don’t be a harm to you, your friends or anyone else. This is why Lyft, Uber and Public Safety exist. Leave your car and sleep over at a friend’s if anything.


9. DO have fun and be respectful.

Let it all out. Scream, shout, cry, do anything that will let you release any stress. Just don’t catcall, fat-shame or interact with someone without consent. We’re all here to have fun. Don’t do it at the expense of another’s experience.