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Do Good All Year

With the season of giving among us, the spirit of doing good is at an all-time high. After the holidays, people tend to lose the determination to give back or to just simply do good. It’s completely understandable as things pile up when the new year begins; nonetheless, we should always strive to do good whether it’s volunteering at a homeless shelter or simply being kind to one another.

People often believe that being nice or doing good things require something in return. The most graceful part of doing good things is knowing you most likely won’t get anything in return. Understand that the good you put in the world plays a huge factor in your own happiness. Sometimes it’s not always convenient or fun to do good. Of course, there’s always something that sounds more desirable than say, picking up your friend who is five miles away, but doing that favor for someone shows the love and care you have for them.

Not everyone will recognize good deeds, occasionally not even the people you do those good deeds for. There is grace knowing that you put in the effort to put more good in the world, big or little actions. Sometimes you will get something in return, sometimes you won’t. But wherever you are in life, remind yourself to make a little time for helping others.



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