Disneyland Tips That You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Disneyland-- it’s the happiest place on earth!! It’s almost impossible to have a bad day at Disney. Sometimes, though, things can get overwhelming if you don’t have your day well-planned. Here’s 10 ways to make the happiest place on earth even happier:

1. Get the Disneyland App

This App is definitely worth it for anyone visiting Disneyland- even if just for a day. Not to mention, it’s free! The app gives you wait times, show listings, park maps, restaurant menus, and so much more. It’s the perfect way to have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

2. Take advantage of Extra Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hours

The best way to benefit from Extra Magic Morning or Extra Magic Hours is to really show up early for them. These allow one-hour early admission into the parks, which is a huge benefit over the rest of the Disneyland park goers.


3. Save your shopping until the parks close

In order to maximize your ride time, save your shopping until the rides close down. Shops are open an hour after rides close, and Downtown Disney is open an hour after Disneyland closes.


4. Take advantage of Single Rider!

Single Rider can save you and your group so much time! It can even be faster than getting a Fastpass. The following rides offer Single Rider at Disneyland:

-Indiana Jones Adventure

-Matterhorn Bobsleds

-Space Mountain

-Splash Mountain

5. Don’t eat during peak hours

If you can, try to avoid eating from 10:30 am to noon and 3 to 5 pm. You’ll save so much time finding a place to sit and waiting in line, and lines for rides will be much shorter during these times!


6. Plan Parade and Show times ahead

Figure out which parades and shows you want to see before you go- this way you can plan your day around these times so you don’t miss them! You can do this with the Disneyland app or even just looking them up online.


7. Buy souvenirs ahead of time

Sure, half of the fun is looking through the Disney stores and finding something for yourself, but buying things online for your family members back home can save you some time to make more memories in the park.


8. Make sure you’re in a ride line when the park closes

Even if the park is closing when you’re still in line, they won’t kick you out!


9. If staying at a hotel near Disneyland, don’t forget to shuttle!

Save on the Disneyland parking fee and the extra hassle of driving or Ubering. Many hotels near Disneyland offer convenient shuttles to the park.


10. Take the Train

The Disneyland train is a great way to rest your tired legs after a day of walking around the Park. It’s 20 minutes to see the park from a different perspective and learn more about Disneyland history. Definitely one of the most underrated rides!