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The Dancing Man Inspires World’s Biggest Dance Party

A man in London has been making the news after a user on a message board posted a picture of him dancing, calling him a “specimen trying to dance.” The post went viral, and the internet has turned an instance of body shaming and cyberbullying into something positive, creating “The World’s Biggest Dance Party.”

After viewing the post, Twitter users took to their accounts and asked for help in finding the man in the photo so he could attend the party. A #dancingman hashtag was created, and even Pharell and Ellie Goulding joined the conversation. 

So far $30,000 has been raised for the dance party, which will benefit an anti-bullying campagin. The Los Angeles Coliseum has even volunteered to host it. So keep dancing, Dancing Man! Don’t let anyone stop you from doing your thing! You can follow the dancing man on Twitter @dancingmanfound.

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