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The Cutest Halloween Foods at Disneyland This Year

The season is here for the spookiest and yummiest treats at Disneyland and California Adventure parks. Here are the cutest finds and where to grab them:

Mickey-Shaped Bat Cookies

These adorable chocolate-covered sugar cookies are found at various bakeries throughout the Disneyland park such as Candy Palace.


Festive Candy Apples

Treat yourself to various characters in candy apple form also found at bakeries throughout the Disneyland park.


Pumpkin Fudge and Pumpkin Cheesecake

These desserts offer a classic Fall flavor without overbearing sweetness. The cheesecake is found at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta in the California Adventure park, and in the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe and French Market in the Disneyland park. The fudge is found at most bakeries around both parks.


Spoke-y Cone Macaron


These are macarons filled with marshmallow buttercream and candy corn. They are found exclusively at the Cozy Cone Motel at Cars Land in California Adventure park.


Slow Burnin’ Mac & Cheese Cone

These are fresh-cooked pasta with spicy red pepper cheese sauce topped with crushed chile-cheese puffs, served in a Black Cauldron Cone. You can find them at the Cozy Cone Motel at Cars Land in California Adventure Park


Festive Churros

Purple, green and orange churros are available at churro carts around the parks!


Mickey-Shaped Mummy Macaron

A white chocolate macaron with white chocolate drizzle and chocolate-salted caramel filling found at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe in the Disneyland park.


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