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Coachella Checklist

Let the countdown begin! There are only a few more weeks until Coachella and for all you festival lovers, the excitement is getting very real. Before the fun begins, however, it’s important that you bring all the necessities in order to have an incredible weekend. Listed below is a checklist that’ll help you prepare:

1.     Backpack/Bag:

Even though wearing a backpack may not be the most stylish thing to go with your outfit, it’s the thing you’ll need the most on this list.   With a backpack, you’ll be able to carry around everything you need easily (especially your water).

2.     Sunscreen

If you’re a first time Coachella goer, be prepared because its going to be very hot and sunny. For that reason, it’s important that you bring sunscreen to avoid getting a nasty sunburn.

3.     Re-usable water bottle

Staying hydrated at Coachella is so, so important. Avoid spending a lot of money on water bottles and bring your own. Throughout the venue, there are water stations that make it easy for people re-fill their bottles.

4.     Snacks

Even though food isn’t allowed past the gates, it’s important to bring some snacks with you to eat before you enter the venue. Once you get inside the festival, there are a ton of food options to choose from. However, beware because all of the food is fairly expensive. Therefore, bring some snacks beforehand to save some money.

5.     Comfortable shoes

When planning your Coachella outfits, it’s very important that your shoes are comfortable. The festival venue is fairly large and you’re going to have to go from stage to stage to see each artist. Thus, be prepared cause you’re going to have to walk a lot and walking around in uncomfortable shoes for an entire day would be awful!

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