Cheap & Easy Things To Do Over Spring Break

Take a Road Trip With Your Friends!

A Road Trip is a great and easy way to create fabulous and crazy memories without spending too much money! You do need to do some research to have an idea where you're going and staying, but remember to stay spontaneous and enjoy the different destinations. 

Go Camping

Almost every town has a place close by to go camping! Camping is a little more outdoorsy, but also a fun way to bond and spend time with your closest buds. Grab the marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and your tent and you're ready to go!

Visit a Big City Near Your Hometown

Rent a hotel room in a big city and go out and enjoy the nightlife. Explore, shop, eat and party! 


This is definitely the most inexpensive and satisfying way to spend your spring break. There are always tons of places that need help. It way not be the most relaxing way to spend spring break, but it is very fulfilling and can help rebuild communities.