Captain Nomad

If you have listened to their music, it is clear that the band Captain Nomad is to become a very recognizable name in music. With their Southern California vibes and the Alternative Indie Rock style of music, band members, Will Craig, Mark Williams, Charlie Lopez and Evan Williams are embarking on their biggest endeavor yet, the CaliRado tour. Captain Nomad will venture out of their California roots during this tour and head off to Colorado, where they will play at three different colleges. Chapman graduate Will Craig ('14) kindly took his time to share his thoughts on the band, their upcoming tour, and the boundless future of Captain Nomad.  

Q) How long has Captain Nomad been together?

We have been playing together since spring of last year. Mark Williams and I have been playing for about a year. Mark would play the drums and I would do the vocals and play guitar, then his brother Evan Williams who plays bass, and Charlie Lopez who is also on guitar, jumped aboard last spring.

Q) What sparked your interest in starting a band?

We all just really love music, and we love kicking it, so it naturally fell into place.

Q) You guys played at the FIJI pool party at the Masson Family Beach Club earlier this year. What was the best part about playing for Chapman students?

We loved playing for the Chaptown crowd because everyone was having such a good time. It was nice to play for the school most of us went to or currently go to, because we saw people singing our lyrics and partying out in the pool. We had a great time.

Q) What are your plans for the band's future?

Well for the future we just want to go with the flow. We all just want to have a good time playing music and spending time together. Of course, we would love to have a major tour and be playing on big stages, but for now we are just taking it one day at a time.

Q) What is the most beneficial part about playing in Captain Nomad?

The most beneficial part, for me, is that we all have a great time on stage. We love seeing people having a good time at our shows; it is nice to be the fuel that feeds the good vibes.

Q) What do you think your listeners enjoy most about your music?

That is for you all to decide, but I hope it is the lyrics and the groove. We try to make relevant music for everyone, but mostly we just focus on making what we like to play.


The CaliRado tour starts off in Colorado on October 16th, but Captain Nomad will return to Southern California to play at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim with fellow band, The Bash Dogs, and will play at LMU this Halloween.


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