Campus Cutie: Santiago Villarreal

Name: Santiago Villarreal

Age: 20

Year: Sophomore

Major: Dance

Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico

Affiliation: Beta Theta Pi

Relationship Status: Single

What are you involved in on campus?

I am a member of Beta Theta Pi. I am the graphic designer for Chapman Dance Alliance. I am also a Guest Relations Coordinator within the Student Engagement and will be a future Resident Advisor.

What are your priorities in life?

My priorities in life are my career, family and friends.

What’s your favorite memory at Chapman?

I think one of my favorites memories is my last Fall Faculty Dance Concert, because I got the opportunity to work with amazing choreographers that are now my mentors. Another memory was definitely going to Havasu with Beta; it was definitely full of great memories.

What’s your favorite quote?

"No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they'd die for." - Martin Luther King Jr. 

What’s your coffee order at Starbucks?

I used to get just a vanilla iced coffee, but I just changed to an iced coffee with two pumps of vanilla and two of hazelnut!

What is your career goal?

I want to be a really successful dancer, travel the world with a great company. I want to probably move to Europe and dance for a while and then come back to Mexico and help the arts grow there.

There you have it, our Campus Cutie for this week! Follow him on Instagram @santiagovrdz, or if you see Santi around campus, don't be afraid to say, "Hi"!